Sushi Go!


We love the game Sushi Go! It’s a pass and play card game that’s focused on set collection and counting.

Rules: Deal cards to all players, each person picks a single card to put in front of them and they are revealed at the same time. You then pass your remaining hand to your neighbor. This continues until you are out of cards. Then you score the game and play again for a total of three rounds.

Cost: $12 on Amazon.

Time: 20 minutes.

Modifications for Kindergarteners: I remove the ‘chopstick’ cards as I think they are a bit too confusing for the average 5 year old, at least on their first few games.

Can it be played if pieces go missing: You could reasonably lose about half of the deck and still be able to play.

Is this a game only kids would like: I think this is a fun, light game that would be fun with adults, but I think it really shines with kids.

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