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Reading Homework

Please have your child walk through sounding out all of the letters and words. Make sure they aren’t pausing between sounds (caaaat instead of c-a-t). Click the images for the full sized ¬†version. More will be added over time.


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The kids are continuing their XtraMath lessons. This is just to teach fluency and speed, skills that are absolutely vital for success in math. If typing on the keyboard is causing a problem, feel free to enable the on-screen keyboard so they can enter numbers with the mouse. Look for their registration code in today’s Wednesday folder or download the link from here:

Xtramath Codes

The top 5 students with the highest amount of Xtramath participation will get to have a pizza lunch in the room.

CVC Worksheets

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If you are looking for something to do with your kids at home to reinforce letter sounds, here are some worksheets where the kids assemble CVC words based off of picture clues. Cut out the letters and scramble them up, then have them put them together on the pictures. Feel free to help them with the words if they can’t figure it out.

Download A words

Download O words

Download E words
(red isn’t colored in as we don’t have color printers)