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Germs: Part Two


Today our package arrived with some agar dishes. Germs and bacteria love agar and warmth, so we were able to swab the toilet, someone’s mouth, someone’s cheek, the drinking fountain and everyone’s breath. We will update with results when they show up!


Today we talked about germs! Did you know that the common cold virus originated in camels before it jumped to humans? Although we can’t see them, germs are everywhere. You have enough bacteria living inside of you to fill a soup can. Gross!common-cold-virus-in-blood

Planet Earth: Mountains


Today we dove into our series on Planet Earth, with the focus on mountains. Why would a mountain goat choose to live somewhere so treacherous? What happens to the mountain cats that aren’t fast enough to catch their dinner? What kind of special skills does an animal have to live in one of the harshest environments on Earth?