Lucy’s Birthday

Lucy sent home paper invitations, but in case yours didn’t make it from school to home, here are the details!

Where: Kidsports, 5 Wall Street, Montana City, MT 59634 (disregard address on card!)
Date: Saturday, March 25th
Time: 4-5:30 pm
RSVP: Call or text Steph Doyle (406) 438-2487

Ticket To Ride: My First Journey

We got Ticket to Ride: My First Journey. Normally, kid versions of adult board games are pretty lame, but this one was great.

Rules: Everyone gets 4 colored cards to start and 2 tickets. Every turn you can build or get 2 more cards. When you complete a ticket by building a path between the icons, you yell ‘ticket!’ and flip it over. First to 6 wins.

Cost: $30 on Amazon.

Time: 30 minutes.

Modifications for Kindergarteners: If the games go on too long, you can play first to 5. Some kids need help figuring out the paths they are building but most are more that capable.

Can it be played if pieces go missing: It ships with extra trains, and the colored cards can be lost without much of an issue.

Is this a game only kids would like: I think adults would prefer the adult version, but this is a perfectly acceptable stand in for family game night.

100th Day

Friday is our 100th day of School! Can you believe it?! We are celebrating by doing a bunch of 100’s based activities as well as having a PAJAMA DAY! They can wear pajamas and bring a stuffed animal from home if they would like.