Other Animals Require Fairness

We watched a clip where capuchin monkeys were unfairly rewarded for performing the same simple task. Once it was understood that one monkey was receiving grapes while the other was receiving cucumber, he quickly became upset and rejected his initial reward. It shows how similar animals are to us, and how fairness may be something hard coded into our consciousness.


Today we studied snakes along with the letter S and the sound it makes. Montana is home to only one venomous snake out of 10 total species that live here. It is, of course, the rattlesnake. The country with the most deadly snakes is Australia, and the country with the least would be Ireland, with zero.



Today we talked about the blobfish, recently voted as the ugliest animal in the world (hard to disagree), and the concept of treating all animals with the respect they deserve. We can’t just save the cute animals, we need to save the ugly ones as well.


Sometimes children love animals so much that they do things that aren’t in the animal’s best interest. We spoke about the idea of treating wild animals as wild, and leaving them in their environment where they belong.