Today we spoke about the rabbit invasion of Australia. In the 1700’s, a group of rabbits was brought to Australia from Britain. Doing what rabbits do, they made many many babies, and the numbers climbed from a handful of rabbits in the early 1800’s to millions and millions that remain today.

It’s an interesting lesson in how fragile ecosystems are, and how a little act can completely unravel everything.

Report Cards!


Our report cards for the third quarter were sent home today. There is no comment in the comment section, as the need for that was filled by our most recent parent teacher conference. You’ll also be getting a small strip of paper with your child’s math scores. As we are at 3rd quarter, their expectation was 0.75, a 1.6 would mean they are at first grade level, 60% of the way through the year, etc.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know. I’m very pleased with the progress of all of my kids, both behaviorally and academically. I’m constantly told by other staff how nice and well behaved my class is, so whatever you are doing at home, please keep doing it.



Today we sent a few men into orbit using Kerbal Space Program. The kids were walked through the thought experiment where you could throw a ball progressively further around the earth until it was able to go entirely around. Without air to slow it down, it would continue forever.

Dry ice experiments

Today we experimented with dry ice.  At a temperature of around -75°F, dry ice is made out of carbon dioxide. It sublimates, meaning that it goes from a solid straight into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. By adding dry ice and soap to warm water, you can make a huge mess of bubbles!

I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

CVC Worksheets

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If you are looking for something to do with your kids at home to reinforce letter sounds, here are some worksheets where the kids assemble CVC words based off of picture clues. Cut out the letters and scramble them up, then have them put them together on the pictures. Feel free to help them with the words if they can’t figure it out.

Download A words

Download O words

Download E words
(red isn’t colored in as we don’t have color printers)


Today we studied snakes along with the letter S and the sound it makes. Montana is home to only one venomous snake out of 10 total species that live here. It is, of course, the rattlesnake. The country with the most deadly snakes is Australia, and the country with the least would be Ireland, with zero.